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Washington Public Health - Summer 1996
Message from the Dean and Secretary of Health 
Bruce Miyahara, Gilbert S. Omenn 

Infectious Diseases: Emerging, Resurging, and Unusual Cases in the Northwest

Are Emerging Infectious Diseases a Threat to the Northwest?
Ann Marie Kimball, Jonathan D. Mayer
Public Health Screening at Northwest Ports of Entry
Sandra L. Marvinney
Quarantine Powers of Health Officers
Katherine M. Anderson
Discovery of Hantavirus Syndrome in Washington State
John H. Grendon, Marcia Goldoft
Public Health Repercussions of a Child's Death from Bat Rabies
Thomas A. Bell
An Investigation of Psittacosis: Local Health District Handles Unusual Case of Infection in Pet Store Employees
Karen R. Steingart, Fran Cappa, Robert Williams, Thomas Schaumberg



Environmental Hazards: Nuclear Age Legacies and Nature's Devastations

Dealing with Hanford's Lethal Legacy
Gerald van Belle, Gilbert S. Omenn, Elaine M. Faustman, Charles W. Powers, John A. Moore, Bernard D. Goldstein
Mitigating Natural Hazards: A Critical Issue for Public Health Worldwide
Frank Press



Emerging Issues in Public Health Policy and Practice

The Children's Health Policy Conference
Frederick A. Connell
Children with Special Needs: The Case for a Collaborative Care System
Nanci Larter John M. Neff
Healthy Options: A Progress Report
Andrew Brunskill
Injuries Are Not Just "Accidents" Prevention Is the Goal of Harborview Center
Lisa W. Rogers, Frederick P Rivara, David C. Grossman
Occupational Disease Reporting: A Step Toward Safer Workplaces
Joel D. Kaufman, Alden K Henderson
Public Health Practice and the World Wide Web: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Patrick O'Carroll, Thomas A. Bell



Public Health Profile

High Energy from the East Recharges Seattle-King County
An Interview with Alonzo Plough

End Notes & News

  • Celebrating the Soul Catcher
  • Grant from the Department of Health Will Enhance Public Health Practice Activities
  • $24-Million Initiative Will Stimulate Transformation of Public Health Systems
  • Charles Royer Directs New Program Focusing on Health of Urban Children
  • Total Grant Support Continues to Rise
  • Visit the SPHCM WWW Home Page
  • High Lung Cancer Rate in CARET Group Given Beta-Carotene and Retinol
  • New UW Center Focuses on Medical and Public Health Costs and Outcomes
  • New Faculty at the SPHCM

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